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The smiling face of CAPPADOCIA

In 2019, our employees take baths with fairy chimneys in the maintenance areas. Firstly, flights with a professional and friendly, professional pilot in the Cappadocia region.

Before your stew is taken back to your hotel after all operations, transfer, insurance, flight and flight, before departure.

Our newest chance in the region to be a pilot and to get the first plane ticket to know about the place, to buy from a luxury and energetic company.

Contribution has been made to choose us as the pigeon balloon family.


- At certain times of our pilots, we keep the technical qualifications of the current training programs alive.

- All of our pilots are well-informed pilots.

- All our pilots have at least 10 hours in the afternoon before their flight.


- Young people of your place take up a lot of space to buy a vehicle on a safe journey. The people who follow the staff of this team closely consist of students who want to study.

- Weekly plans are planned for all our ground team, and their in-team planning and planning can be planned.


All our balloons are the world's largest air manufacturer and our prestigious balloons.

- It consists of all balloons. We are flying with 2022 model balloons.


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